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The Importance of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise for Teachers

From January to February 2022, ABC Kids and Brighton are hosting a Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE) to help our teachers manage their stress and recover from trauma. Mimi Syafei from the Global Certified TRE Consultant attends the seminar as the keynote speaker. 

Being the main figure of authority at school, teachers must first manage their stress to not spill over to students at school. Syafei, who spoke at the conference, stated that TRE could be an excellent practice for teachers to reduce stress, recover from trauma, and prevent post-traumatic stress. To this, she added that TRE might help teachers fulfill their potentials as educators by maintaining their physical and mental health first and foremost. 

Syafei mentioned that pain, fear, sadness, and loneliness trigger stress. Meanwhile, several trauma triggers include family and work pressure, relationships, pandemics, and divorce. She added that “teachers who do not handle their stress and resolve their trauma, may spill over and unleash it to their students. Spillover effects may range from hurtful remarks to violence.” 

There are numerous approaches to dealing with stress or trauma; however, consulting with trained TRE professionals is advised if the symptoms appear to be mild or severe. Syafei claims that people can do the Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise as a regular activity without the companion of a therapist or instructor. In addition to TRE, Syafei also recommends regular physical exercise so that the body can easily cope with stress and recover from trauma.

One of the audience members was an ABC Kids’ teacher, Angelia Rezty Fitriniani Situmorang. She mentioned that trauma could strike at any time–even in the middle of an everyday routine. Stress can be accumulated from daily problems and external factors such as managing the students, dealing with outside clients, or internal. As mentioned earlier, those with unresolved trauma often do not realize those drive their actions. Angelia hopes that the TRE seminar will help teachers manage their stress to perform better at work. 

The school recognizes the importance of emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Thus, as an attempt to improve the mental well-being of our educators, we encourage our teachers to participate in the TRE seminar and workshop. Quoting a famous saying: “the trick to having happy students is first to be happy yourself.”



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