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The Saragih Brothers Shine at Kompetisi Sempoa Sip Nasional

The Kompetisi Sempoa Sip Nasional is a prestigious national competition in Indonesia that celebrates excellence in mental arithmetic and abacus skills. This year, the event saw remarkable performances from the Saragih brothers, Eldra Jevan and Ednar Jaziel Saragih. Their outstanding achievements have not only brought pride to their families and schools but have also highlighted their dedication and skill in the field of mental arithmetic.

Eldra Jevan secured an impressive 3rd place in the Intermediate Level category of the Kompetisi Sempoa Sip Nasional. This level is known for its challenging problems that test the limits of participants’ mental calculation abilities. Eldra’s achievement is a testament to his exceptional talent and rigorous training. His ability to swiftly and accurately solve complex arithmetic problems demonstrates his deep understanding of the abacus and his proficiency in mental arithmetic.

In the Foundation Level category, Ednar Jaziel Saragih distinguished himself by securing 2nd place. This category, designed for younger participants, emphasizes foundational skills in abacus use and mental calculation. Ednar’s achievement at such a young age is particularly noteworthy and indicative of his potential to excel in future competitions.

Both Eldra Jevan and Ednar Jaziel Saragih have bright futures ahead of them. Their success at the Kompetisi Sempoa Sip Nasional has laid a strong foundation for further achievements in both academic and extracurricular fields. As they continue to hone their skills and participate in more competitions, it is likely that they will garner even greater accolades and recognition.

Once again, congratulations, the Saragih brothers!

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