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Understanding kindness through storytelling!

It was indeed a gloomy morning, but our students showed up on time with full excitement for our ‘Dongeng Kebaikan’ told by one of our local storytellers, Kak Rizal. Kak Rizal is well-known for his ability to teach and spread the values of kindness to children through his storytelling activity. It’s not a surprise that several non-profit organizations have invited him for storytelling. 


The ABC Kids curriculum believes storytelling is one way to stimulate children’s early literacy, curiosity, and imagination. Not only that, but storytelling allows children to learn essential values and lessons without them realizing they are learning. On February 8th, our kindergarten students at ABC Kids DDN had a fantastic experience followed by loud morning waves of laughter during a storytelling session with Kak Rizal. Kak Rizal told our students the story of kindness and other character-building stories, spreading good deeds while doing so. Why good deeds? Because Kak Rizal collaborates with Sahabat Yatim, a social organization that works with the orphanage and supports them with their education, health, and foster home. Right now, there are only 24 houses available to accommodate more than thousands of orphans. 

All the children were very respectful, attentive, and enthusiastic as they listened to Kak Rizal’s storytelling. A short quiz followed after the storytelling, and some of our students also earned goodie bags. 

At the end of the event, our students lined up to give their donations into the provided box that will later be given to our friends at Sahabat Yatim friends. Guess what? We raised Rp. 9,199,000 in total after the event! This is proof that, collectively, we can contribute a lot to our society. Hopefully, this donation can be made for our friends to finance their education, health, and more facilities in the houses.

Thank you so much, Kak Rizal and Sahabat Yatim, for spreading kindness through storytelling! We hope to see you soon at our next event. 

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