Abc Kids – Brighton


Why Choose ABC Kids and Brighton JHS?


  • Established in 1998.
  • Qualified and dedicated teachers and staff.
Position of Brighton as the Best Private Schools in Depok City
School Year Ranking Average UN Score
2011/2012 1 9.18
2012/2013 1 8.52
2013/2014 1 8.65
2014/2015 1 85.70
2015/2016 1 86.31
2016/2017 3 80.63
2017/2018 1 82.50
2018/2019 2 86.94

Scale of 0-10
Source: Dinas Pendidikan Kota Depok


Please contact our admission for details of the fee structure.

Balanced Learning

  • 2013 National curriculum with an international approach.
  • Equal emphasis on academic excellence & socioemotional wellness.
  • Our curriculum encourages students to explore, wonder, discover, inquire, and problem-solve.
  • Students are held to high academic and behavioral standards.


  •   Library
  •   Swimming pool
  •   Indoor and outdoor playground
  •   Multi-purpose sport court
  •   Various age-appropriate toys, books, and learning activities
  •   Science laboratory
  •   Computer lab
  •   Lunch corner
  •   Prayer room
  •   Health room
  •   Student Council / Meeting room

Privacy, Safety & Security

  • School premise is under CCTV surveillance.
  • Thorough background checks on all of our staff.
  • Located in residential housing areas.
  • All premises are near nearby hospitals in case of a mishap or accident.
  • Regular sanitization, hand sanitizers & sinks available throughout our premises.
  • The distribution and usage of your child’s personal information are subject to your knowledge and consensual agreement.

Personal and Homelike

  • Small class sizes and personalized attention.
  • Fun learning experience.

Positive Learning Environment and Community

  • Bullying, hazing, and inappropriate behaviors are intolerable.
  • Counseling.

Community Life

Learn what it means to be part of a vibrant community, where children are being celebrated for being who they are. Learn more
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